Ever since the creation of mankind, he is indulged in the activities which makes his life easier, cozier and tastier in the world. He usually seeks pleasures in items which either sound good or smell pleasant. He is therefore, always in quest of new recipes and ingredients of food which are pleasuring for the taste buds. Gyro is a supreme example of what we have mentioned earlier. It is not only a recipe but a blessing for those who love lamb and beef.
The origins of “Gyro” can be traced back in 19th century, invented in Basra. There are many stories regarding the inventions of Gyro but one authentic view is that Gyro seeks its roots from Doner Kebab, a Turkish dish made of meat cooked on a vertical stove. Normally it is beef but sometimes a mixture of lamb is added. Chicken is also used as an alternative. This dish is universally famous by its Arabic name “Shawarma” or in the United States by its Greek name “Gyro”. The term Gyro may seem strange to some people but “Shawarma” is the term commonly employed for Gyro in majority of the areas of the world. Commonly served in a sandwich, the toppings may include tomato, French fries, onion and sauce. As in Afghanistan the sauce used is known as “Mast”.

Preparation of Gyros includes a piece of meat usually mounted on a vertical stand sort of thing which has a heating mechanism surrounding the vertical stand, rotating on the vertical axis. It generally gives the outlook of a vertical stove. The rate of roasting can be adjusted by controlling the distance between the primary ingredient and the heating mechanism used or by directly controlling the heat being provided. The meat is then sliced from the vertical spit and is then cooked in the fry pan. The taste is then customized according to the customer’s choice. It is up to the discretion of the customer to add further spices if he intends to.

Gyro has got some regional variations according to the inhabitants of that area. In majority of the areas Gyro is becoming popular as a fast food. Gyro is also attracting quite a number of people from diversified fields and different backgrounds. Having said that Gyro has also some health concerns related to it. Some of the issues include: hygiene concerns over the night storage; disproportionate fat and salt levels; faulty levels of meat used and reheating of partially cooked meat. These are a few concerns brought into the lime light by the media. However, research has shown that Gyro could be a healthier choice of fast food as it creates a wholesome blend of meat, bread and vegetables.